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Our approach to meeting and event planning is, first, to understand the reasons why you are staging an event. We are not simply a live event organizer; we create events to enable our clients to positively influence their audience.

This may involve influencing morale or perceptions, skills or knowledge, attitudes or behaviors. It may be in the form of a month-long brand communications event across Europe, or it may be one-to-one training sessions here in the Pakistan
By having all of our core services in-house, we benefit from clear lines of communication internally, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for our clients. We have robust systems and processes in place to ensure our project management team is equipped to deal with the complex logistics that the management of large-scale events requires.

Parties & Live Events

We have long been known for our creative flair ever since we started out over 7 years ago as an event production company.

Today we produce stunning events for our private clients as well as being corporate event planners. We use originality and creativity to produce some of the most inspiring, original and exciting celebration events and award shows around.
Our creative design team maintains originality across their entire portfolio, whilst the event planners in our project management team can call upon over 100 years of collective experience, ensuring each event runs seamlessly and lives long in the memory.

Despite our focus on the corporate market, we still produce high profile private parties, weddings and events


Live Brand Experience

Experiential marketing – communicating with audiences and expressing your brand through live events – has the ability to excite all five human senses. No other form of marketing can make that boast. As a result, complex messages and detailed information can be conveyed, and two-way communication is possible, enabling instant feedback from your audience.

Our consultants can work with your team to develop  and express your brand in new and innovative ways, working on a strategic level to change or support brand Perceptions  and to engage your audience by eliciting an emotional response.
The scale of the live environments that we create, can vary from multi-date road shows  to intimate press launches, but the aim is consistent; to positively influence your audience.


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