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-- Billboard Advertising (OOH Out Of Home Advertising) --

Billboards are advertisements that provide information to passing vehicles and pedestrians. These large formats out of home advertising structures typically found in high traffic areas and are viewed at distances of 50 feet or more. There are a few types of billboards and their sizes usually depend on the speed of traffic and distance from the person viewing it. A billboard on a highway or expressway is commonly called a bulletin. A billboard on a secondary roadway where traffic is 50 KMH - 80 KMH is commonly called a poster. A poster is usually about half of the width of a bulletin. Wallscapes are very large format displays that can be seen from many streets because of their large size. They are usually landmark locations in a metro area. These are also viewed by pedestrian traffic as well as vehicles. Digital billboards also come in different sizes depending on their audience and traffic. On expressways or highways they are usually the same size as the bulletin. On secondary street or neighborhood roadways they can be the size of posters. Their size also depends on the speed of traffic and the proximity to the roadway.